Women Empowerment

CII Woman Exemplar Award

CII, has since 2005, institutionalized an annual CII Woman Exemplar Award.

In the year 2014, it has been brought under the aegis of the CII Foundation and moving forward it will be known as "CII Foundation Woman Exemplar Awards".

The Award promotes women’s empowerment at the community level by discovering and recognizing those who have, against all odds, excelled and contributed significantly to the development process in India.

The Award is conferred on Women working at the grass roots level who have contributed significantly in the fields of:

  • Education & Literacy
  • Health
  • Micro Enterprise
The Award is called EXEMPLAR because the talented awardees set an example for others, igniting the spirit and the belief that they too can be empowered. The awardees are self motivated individuals, exhibiting strong leadership skills. The awardees are selected from nominations received from grass roots NGOs based all across the country.

Award Criteria

Download Women Exemplar Awards 2014_Nomination Form

CII Woman Exemplar Awardees


  1. Priya Chandrasekar - Education literacy
  2. Mithu Jana - Health
  3. G. Muniammal - Micro Enterprise 


  1. Laxmi Dey - Education literacy
  2. Babai Sathe - Health
  3. Loukrakpam Indrani Devi - Micro Enterprise 


  1. Champa Devi Parmar - Education literacy
  2. K M Bhagyamma - Health
  3. Ramrati Devi - Micro Enterprise 


  1. Kamlesh Sherawat - Education literacy
  2. Pano Hembram - Health
  3. Dipali Pramanik - Micro Enterprise 


  1. P Madhavi - Education literacy
  2. Manorama Ben Jaiswal - Health
  3. Minakshi Swain - Micro Enterprise  


  1. N Nanda Devi - Health
  2. Shahana K T- Education
  3. S Dhanalakshmi - Micro Enterprise       
  1. Lalithabai - Micro Enterprise
  2. Noorti Devi - Education
  3. Vidya Thapa - Health 
  1. Vanita Jalindar Pise - Micro Finance
  2. Sangeeta Pardhe - Health
  3. Raj Rani - Micro-Enterprise


  1. Tejo Devi - Micro Finance and Enterprise
  2. Poonam Sinsinbar - Education and Vocational training
  3. Kavita Santosh Shinde - Health


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